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My husband Gene and I were stationed at Fort Davis, Canal Zone, 1974-1977, where we, like many others, were exposed to Agent Orange and other toxins while serving our country. In fact, the dioxin TCDD was shipped to Panama for over 20 years, as I have outlined in my research book The Travels of Orange, available on Amazon.com.

The goal of my research and the Panama Canal Zone Veterans Association, under the Counsel of Attorney Sean Ravin, is to help the Panama Veterans win VA benefits for their illnesses which we believe were likely caused by exposure to the dioxin TCDD, or a number of other toxins used routinely in the Panama Canal Zone.


Dr. Wayne Dwernychuk, a world-renown Agent Orange expert opined on my research. His opinion is: "When considering the Vietnam situation there is the formula employed by the Department of Veterans Affairs called presumptive service.

About My Research

Currently, the Department of Veterans Affairs (“VA”) only recognizes that a select group of veterans were exposed to the tactical herbicide Agent Orange. This select group currently includes veterans who served in the Republic of Vietnam, a few other locations in and outside of the United States, as well as those who served aboard or maintained C-123 Providers.

At this time, VA does not universally recognize that veterans who served in the Panama Canal Zone were exposed to Agent Orange. My research shows that the dioxin TCDD found in Agent Orange was shipped to Panama from at least January 1959 – December 1977. Dr. Wayne Dwernychuk, who proved the dioxin TCDD’s existence in Vietnam, has opined on my research that the dioxin TCDD was introduced in the Panama Canal Zone environment and that TCDD lasts 100 years in the soil. Therefore, Panama Veterans, dependents, and civilians could very well have been exposed to TCDD.

I published The Travels of Orange and other toxins out of love, anger and necessity. Love for my husband who, without him, I would have never written this book. Unfortunately, he has suffered many illnesses the last 24 years from being exposed to dioxin while serving his country; anger at the broken Veterans Administration for denying TCDD was ever

introduced into the Panama Canal Zone and that he could have been exposed; and necessity to seek if there was any truth to the dioxin TCDD ever being in the Panama Canal Zone to help my husband and all the Panama Veterans and civilians like myself who are riddled with disease. There are tens of thousands of us who have no recourse because the broken Veterans Administration (VA) claims that Agent Orange or the dioxin TCDD was never shipped/used/stored in the Panama Canal Zone.

I have worked hard to bring about awareness to the public that TCDD was introduced into the Panama Canal Zone environment. Together with the Panama Canal Zone Veterans Association giving the Panama Veteran and civilians a voice, it is my hope that the Panama Veteran will finally be heard.

I invite both Veterans and dependents who feel they have been affected by living in Panama to contact me to have your voice heard. Voices of the Injured are posted on my Podcast Link.

Please click on the PCZVA Registration link to tell us about yourself and how we can help you with the claims process for exposure to Agent Orange while serving in the Panama Canal Zone.