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Many of you know me from our encounters on Facebook and on the phone. I’ve spoken with almost every one of the 405 members as President of the PCZVA and Thailand Veterans Association.  It’s been an interesting journey, to say the least.  I will try to blog about events and talk about documents and my research along the way. I apologize in advance if this seems sometimes confusing. There are a lot of pieces of the puzzle that I have been researching. I outline my story on the “About Me” page, so I continue….or will continue soon.  Please follow my posts and get involved where you can.

From time to time I will post downloadable research I find interesting. I have posted Dr. Alvin Young’s report on the possibility of Agent Orange in Panama and his report he points to as fact that he wrote for the DOD in 2006. I have also posted a couple FT410s, these are shipping records which I believe show both Agents Purple and Orange, depending on year to Panama, Thailand, Vietnam, and other countries. My link on my Research tab is a link to months of 1973-1977 when we were in Panama.  You’ll need to search for 5120620 in these years.  This may have been purple or orange, as purple was found at Johnston Island in 1977 and in Vietnam after the war.   In 1959, the same item is shipping SIC # 82080. This was I believe to be Purple.  Purple was between 30-50ppm dioxin, whereas Orange was supposed to be 0.5.

Each document I post I will try to highlight the things I found interesting as I was reading them. Most of the documents have references at the end, many which I have never read. So for those out there who love to research and read and want to help, I hope we can discuss these documents and future documents at our online meetings. If I can raise money for the CZ Veterans, I will have at least biweekly online meetings where we can discuss the research and work towards finding out why we are all so ill.

Meeting times will be announced on my home page soon.

As we progress forward, if people want to speak at the next meeting, let me know so I can be prepared to open your mic. Please be aware I am only one person. Some think I had a whole team of researchers as President of the PCZVA and Thailand Veterans, but it’s always been just me doing all the research. I’m not complaining, just wanted you to know I’ve been working hard to help open some doors. Without financial support for CZ Veterans research, I will need to raise money.  If there are individuals who would like to partner with my website to help in this endeavor, please contact me. I have met many veterans and friends who are vary talented. I have just taken over control of my website and have much to learn, but I would like to have an online store where we can sell products to bring awareness to the possibility of being exposed to “Agent Orange.”

On My Story page, I have a link to my Worldwide Travel Insurance page.  Before I started researching if we were all exposed, I got my California Insurance license to be able to continue to care for my Veteran husband and work from home. Anyone in the nation or overseas can purchase this travel insurance and if they purchase through my website by clicking on my link, those sales will help me keep going. So tell your friends. Just as an example my 57 yr old male friend went to Italy and another country for 11 days and paid less than 100 bucks for a one million dollar, no deductible policy, which comes with a concierge in case of emergency during your travels.

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Researcher and Author of The Travels of Orange and other toxins. Helping Veterans who were exposed to dioxin and other persistent pesticides who served in the Panama Canal Zone from 1959-1977 and beyond.