Hello and welcome to my page and my research. I am researching the difference in the tactical versus the commercial herbicides used during the Vietnam era. I believe my research shows there is no difference. Before I started down this path, I was caring for my disabled husband and working as an insurance agent. You and your friends and family can help me “keep on truckin” along this path by sharing my link www.ezglobalinsurance.com with everyone you know who may be going on vacation abroad. Click on the above link and make a quote to your fantasy vacation and see how inexpensive it is for complete coverage and peace of mind.

I was stationed in the Panama Canal Zone with my Army veteran husband 1974-1977. He suffers greatly, like thousands of others, and we have all come to realize collectively that there is a connection and reason for our illnesses. I found the U.S. Census Bureau Exports by Commodity FT410s throughout the decades showing both what appears to be Agent Purple and Agent Orange shipped/stored/used in Panama. I wrote a book about the initial research four long years ago called The Travels of Orange and other toxins to help others seek out the truth, thinking this was just used in Panama. My research has since shown it was readily available to be used on any base, as needed by the base entomologist.

I was an invited speaker to Montana VVA Lodge 1087 in October 2018 during Agent Orange month, where I was able to connect with Senator Tester’s aide and the Veterans Affairs Committee on the Senate side. I also submitted a request for an IG Investigation to the VAOIG, a copy of which went to both the senate and house Veterans Affairs Committees, as well as the VA Secretary, the VA Undersecretary and the President. This IG investigation is in regards to what this item is, if not Agents Purple and Orange, shipped from 1959 to 1977 to Panama, Thailand, Vietnam, and other parts of the world.

A special thanks to Lodge 1087 for inviting me to speak in Montana. I have since connected with the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee and Senator Tester and the democrats on the committee have written to the VA and the DoD where Panama and Thailand were specifically called out after the recent November 2018 GAO report. The Senate committee is asking for an new Agent Orange Working Group study on these commercial herbicides that were used on base. I hope you will join me in learning about what I have learned thus far and where we go from here and how you can help.

After helping my Vietnam-era husband who has many presumptive diseases and was in a place which I believe Agents Orange and Purple were also, and being denied, even after we submitted black and white official U.S. Documents, I felt I needed to write this book in hopes that it could be a starting point to help others. By clicking on my book, it will take you to Amazon.  I apologize for no page numbers but I self published this book and because it is read on different devices, it could not be paginated. Bend down the page or use a bookmark.