This first download is a report written by Dr. Alvin Young regarding his conclusions of Agent Orange not being in the Panama Canal Zone.  He also wrote many other reports for such places as Okinawa, Thailand, etc.  Click here for report.

This second download is the 2006 DoD report of known locations where “Agent Orange” was supposedly shipped/stored/used during the Vietnam era.  Dr. Young sources this report as fact.  The problem is this is a Circular Reference, in that Dr. Young writes all the reports debunking the shipment/storage/use of  “Agent Orange” in places such as Okinawa, Guam, Thailand, Panama, and sources his own report which he also authored for the DoD.  It seems odd that this Circular source of facts written by the same person is used to deny veterans that these agents were used where they served.

It seems extremely odd that this report is used by the VA as fact when on the front of these important area-specific reports, as seen in the Panama Canal Zone report written by Dr. Alvin Young the Disclaimer states:

The conclusions reached in this report are based upon a comprehensive review of the historical records maintained in the publicly available files of the National Archives and Record Administration, and other archival repositories. However, the conclusions reached do not necessarily represent those of the Department of Veterans Affairs or any other Department or Agency of the United States Government.
This report is part of the Agent Orange Investigative Report Series, and should be considered as an amendable or living document. If additional authenticated documents or records are found that address the topic of this report, a re-evaluation of the conclusions may be necessary.”   Click here to read report.  It takes a couple seconds to load.

The third download are shipments of 2,4-D & 2,4,5-T, Agents Purple or Orange, depending on year. Which can be seen here.

The fourth download is the November 2018 GAO report on Agent Orange and Guam.  Notice the bottom of Page 11 states there is no difference in dioxin content between the “tactical” and the “commercial” 2,4,5-T.  Click here to see full report.

The fifth download is a report in which Dr. Alvin Young was an author.  On page V-3, Table 1, he lists the Rainbows that were shipped 1961-1969 and sources the Pesticide Review.  The Pesticide Review sources the FT410 shipping records. See report here Alvin Young report 1978

The sixth download is a 1978 Hearing Before the Subcommittee on Medical Facilities and Benefits of the Committee on Veterans Affairs, House of Representatives, 95th Congress, Second Session of Herbicide Orange, October 11, 1978. See document here.

The seventh download is an excerpt from the Pesticide Review over the decades with sources the FT410 and states that Exports of 2,4-D & 2,4,5-T as shown on the FT410 are the same item shipped to Panama and Thailand during the Vietnam era.  Prior to Vietnam, in 1959-1964 it was Agent Purple, which is 30-50ppm TCDD, whereas Orange is closer to 0.5ppm TCDD. TAB 12 Pesticide Review pages

The eighth download is another excerpt from the Pesticide Review pages that says these exports include exports to Vietnam, and as we see throughout the decades on the U.S. Census Bureau, this item 5120620 used in Vietnam, 2,4-D & 2,4,5-T was exported to many countries. TAB 12A Pesticide review 58-59 Attachment 3 (2)

The ninth download is the letter written to the VA/DoD by Senator Tester’s office requesting these “commercial” herbicides to be investigated. Seen here.

The tenth download is the response from the DoD to the Senate. Seen here.

The eleventh download is an opinion regarding Panama written by Dr. Wayne Dwernychuk, the Agent Orange expert of Hatfield Consultants, who were responsible for proving dioxin in Vietnam. His letter can be seen here.