I have begun posting videos on YouTube.  These can be found at YouTube Channel Travels of Orange.  You will need to click on the word “Video” once on my You Tube Channel to see all videos. A few things have changed since I made the first video of myself.

For one, Gene and I will not be touring the country due to health issues and lack of funding.  Although I would love to meet each of you in person, it will not happen anytime soon.

Watch for more on my research and where we go from here to appear on my channel soon.  Please share as they become available.  Together we can spread the word. If you would like to tell your story, please contact me.  I have posted some of the pod casts that were done prior but lost a few when the organization changed.

I am no longer affiliated with the PCZVA, but still researching for the truth.  I do have other recommendations to handle your Appeals.  Keep them open.  Never give up!